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the corner of evil

In the far reaches of our yard, we have a corner where three other backyards adjoin ours. Our neighbors are awesome and it isn’t there fault. It is just a crazy corner that is blocked from their view but quite present in ours.

Along the side, the quince bush is next to it but not quite big enough to cover it. And we let that bush grow out of control and it still doesn’t cover up the axis of evil.

Along the back fence, we have tiger lillies which aren’t tall enough to hide it from that angle.

Ugh. I feel like we need a scarecrow or something.

Happy Mother’s Day

As a gift to myself, and my husband who is tired of hearing me complain about our ugly yard, I’ve decided to start this blog. Our yard is crappy, mostly because we don’t know what to do with it. My husband was born and raised in the city. He has an excuse but I don’t. I was raised in the country and I have hated gardening (and yard work) since birth. However, something must be done. We’ve owned this house for five years. It is time to tackle the back yard.