map of my yard

Things growing (or at least planted) in my yard:

Front yard, left

Front yard, right


  • hosta type 1
  • Dicenetra, Luxuriant, Cutleaf Bleeding Heart (I have no idea which of these words is the actual name)
  • flower pot, queen Charlotte anemone
  • hosta type 2
  • Toad Lily (Sinonome and Samurai)
  • hosta, guacamole
  • hosta, francee
  • azalea
  • unlabeled plant but I think it is a guara lindheimeri siskiyou pink
  • rhododendron Olga mezzitt
  • Sedum, Autumn Joy
  • rhododendron catawbiense
  • two one green shrubs, maybe a juniper? (came with the house)
  • mondo grass, nigrescens
  • anemone
  • weigela Florida minuet
  • hibiscus militaris, rose mallow
  • iris versacolor, blue flag
  • heuchera berry smoothie
  • fern athyrium niponicum pewter lace
  • heucherella sweet tea
  • fern athyrium burgundy lace
  • scabiosa pink mist columbaria
  • hosta August moon
  • hosta krossa regal
  • hosta blue cadet
  • sedum lidakense cauticola
  • sempervivum emerald empress, hens and chicks
  • platt’s black, brass buttons
  • red leaf sea thrift
  • dianthus kahori
  • ginormous oak tree surrounded by ivy, azaleas and a few daffodils (came with the house)

Side yard

  • peonies, two varieties planted before I thought about writing down what kind they are
  • irises
  • daffodils (came with the house)
  • hyacinth
  • green things (came with the house)

Back yard


near back door

  • Lenten rose apricot blush
  • azalea autumn sundance
  • r.l. Wheeler camellia japonica
  • daphne odors marginata
  • Mary Fleming rhododendron
  • Virginia rose
  • rhododendron
  • hydrangea macro phyla endless summer
  • heucherella Alabama sunrise
  • hosta blue flame

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