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let’s play a game

weed or purchased plant that I forgot about?
Could these be Blazing Star or maybe New England Aster?


Is this rose mallow and weeds?




Penstemon digitalis?

This is Blazing Star, right?

Penstemon digitalis?  

at first I was like, but then I was like

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming! Awesome! …and so are the weeds. Ugh.   


first signs of spring

sometimes I think I should just cover the whole yard with Lenten Roses.   


They both start with D

You may recall that I was mildly obsessed over a deck last summer. Well midsummer I changed my mind and thought what we really needed was a revamped kitchen. (This was also about the time that I stopped blogging last summer because I had A PROJECT.) I talked with my friend who has excellent taste, painted the kitchen, gave away our kitchen table because it was too big for the space, and even requested an estimate from an awesome interior design firm. Then I realized what we really needed was a new backdoor. 

Our door was super cheap and half rotted near the bottom. During the winter, the cold air would constantly rush in and the glass would be completely fogged over– zero energy efficiency. So we bought a new backdoor. Of course since our house was built in the 1930s the doorway not a standard size so we had to purchase a custom door. (We also redid the basement windows because well one had been cracked for like eight years.) The first installation attempt they forgot that our door swings out so they had to rebuild the door and reinstall it two months later. It was annoying but they did take a large chunk off of the price so that made my husband very happy. 

Now that we have the door, I really want a deck. 


I’m back b*tches

It was a long, hard Winter but Spring is finally here. 


Brings me right back

The scent of Honeysuckle brings me right back to childhood. I don’t even know where this came from. In our nine years here I’ve never seen it. I’m convinced my husband has been cutting it down each year.





Not everything is pink

Blueflag irises (Iris versicolor) are pretty. I bought two plugs last year at the native plant sale and bought about six more this year. Since most of my flowers are pink it’s really nice to have something different.