in the zone

I am a stereotypical American and have no sense of geography. Every time I am forced to look at a hardiness zone map, I am reminded of this. I decided to remedy this and found a free search by zip code hardiness map. It turns out I live in zone 6B. Who knew? I’m not sure if I like the site as it also has a Regional Report that kindly reminds me to “Train the Hired Help.” Say what? First of all, I am the help. Second of all, do people still refer to other people as the help? Did she not read The Help? I read it and didn’t really like it but will go see the movie because Emma Stone will be in it.

What I would really like to read is a discussion of economic status, class, race, ethnicity and gender as they intersect with gardening/landscaping/flowers in the U.S. I think it would be fascinating. Someone, please write it.

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