the n word

Neglect. I have neglected my yard and my blog. You see, I went on vacation and I neglected to schedule or write any posts. I also neglected to ask our neighbor to water the plants. The grass died and some of my plants have turned a most unbecoming shade of brown. (Don’t worry I’m much better with the kids than I am with plants and blogs.) We also figured out that we have some poison ivy or oak somewhere in our backyard as evidenced buy the crazy blistery rash our son developed on his hand. His doctor dared me to kiss it better. I gave our boy a big hug instead.

I did buy some more solar lights from Target— faux copper on sale for $1.40 each. I also went to Behnke’s to buy a gift card for someone and managed to NOT buy anything for myself. I figure I need to spend some time investigating what blooms in the dry July and awful August before I spend any more money.

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I'm a woman on a mission. A mission to make something other than weeds grow in my backyard. View all posts by kristi

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