Bulbs are not just for Christmas trees and other things I have learned

As I mentioned before, our first fall in this house I planted a few peonies. They are still going strong so I figured this year I would plant some other bulbs. I’ve bought some bulbs already and am planning on purchasing a few more. I started this yard revitalization project in May so I think I have late spring early summer covered. What I really need are early spring bloomers and things to fill in the blank spots. I’ll also need them for the front, back and side each of which have different shade/sun factors. Of course I’ll just ignore all of this and buy what looks pretty.

What I’ve purchased:

  • Drumstick Allium
  • Gladiator Allium
  • Schubertii Allium
  • What I think I want to purchase:

  • daffodils
  • Hair Allium
  • La Bizar Single Late Tulip
  • It hurts me to type this… Uncle Tom Tulip
  • FYI, I found most of these by browsing Holland Bulb Farms.

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