They don’t call it yard work for nothing

Maintaining a yard is a lot of work and money. Don’t let anyone fool you, you will spend a hunk of change trying to make your landscaping look inviting. Ours doesn’t even look inviting and I’ve still spent a few hundred dollars over the last five months. But what really kills me is the constant upkeep. The raking, the weeding, the watering are time consuming. The raking is out of our control. Our house is surrounded by oak trees. The leaves from the neighbor’s trees all seem to fall in our yard. Sometimes I feel like it is nature’s equivalent of throwing trash on our yard. It also seems like the weeds have created a hostile work environment for our purchased plants by stealing the good soil and water. Mother nature is a Mother #%!?*%.

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I'm a woman on a mission. A mission to make something other than weeds grow in my backyard. View all posts by kristi

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