Native plant sale 2014

I volunteered at our elementary school’s native plant sale last weekend. The bad news is I accidentally sold someone something that I thought was a blackberry bush. It wasn’t. The good news is that I bought the following:


Penstemon digitalis — tall white bearded tongue


Liatris spicata — dense blazing star


Hibiscus moscheutos — rose mallow


Aster novae-angliae — New England aster


Iris versicolor — Blueflag (I actually bought some of these last year and they’ve done really well–those are the ones in bloom. I decided to fill in with several more near the front corner of the house, around the hibiscus militaris.)

Matteuccia struthiopteris –ostrich fern


Virginia rose (I thought I bought one of these last year but it was a swamp rose (rose palustris). I bought two and planted them near the swamp rose but I’m thinking I might move them to an even shadier spot. )

I highly recommend a native plant sale as a school fundraiser. Great way to meet people in the neighborhood and beautify your neighbors’ yard.

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