oh how many hostas i have

About four years ago, I bought a few hostas. Then I bought a few more. 


They all seem to be doing really well but I totally didn’t do a good job of paying attention to how big or small they were going to get. I moved one last year as it was completely crowded and it has survived in its new home. However this year when one was planted a little too close to its neighbor, I decided to break it up and try planting each one as a separate plant next to my new mini oak leaf hydrangea. We’ll see how this goes. 


I also put one over near the one I moved last year, next to the Lenten Rose:


I forgot to take a before picture but here is where it used to live–just to the right of this one:

I also bought a few more hostas because they were on sale 3 for $12 and I’m a sucker.  


If these do well, I’m going to try to thin out the ones in the first photo and then rescue this poor baby from the ivy:


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