Annuals = one season stand

Annuals are the cheap thrills of the gardening world. They are pretty and look good but they don’t last. I used to always get annuals and perennials confused, sort of like tornado watches and warnings. I have since learned that I’m lazy and would rather plant something once and have it reappear for at least a few years. I guess my plan is really to start with the perennials and then occasionally buy an annual for a pop of color. (I totally made that up. We have no plan. I’ve just been watching too much HGTV.)

And, this is another thing that annoys me, sometimes perennials are not so hearty and then you have to treat them like an annual. (The plant world IS out to get me.)

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One response to “Annuals = one season stand

  • Cheryl Adams

    Hi Kristi –

    I recommend new guinea impatiens – they are incredibly colorful and bloom all summer long – until the frost hits. They like sun – hope you have some – I couldn’t tell from the photos –
    Enjoy your long weekend!

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