Some days, I think we should just put down a bunch of mulch and make our back yard into one big playground. Other days, I dream of winning the lottery and putting on an addition to the back of the house. (You see, I when I win the lottery I will not become crazy and loose all of my money within a year. We’ll just pay off all of our debt and put a nice modest addition on the back of the house. This addition will include another bathroom. And an office. And a mudroom. And a laundry room that isn’t in the yucky basement.) Anyway, after we put in the addition, we should probably throw in a deck. You see, the reason I haven’t won the lottery is that I haven’t yet decided what kind of deck I want. Dear TEOT has some nice ideas.

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I'm a woman on a mission. A mission to make something other than weeds grow in my backyard. View all posts by kristi

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