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It pays to plan


I have no plan. This bizarre graphic is as close as I’ve come to a plan for the front yard. The dots represent empty locations that need to be filled. Actually the begonia and gerber are annuals so I’ll need to replace them next year as well. The euphorbia seems to be doing really well as is the columbine in the right corner. The speedwell not so much.

The day I decided we needed a boulder


I’m home with a sick kiddo today. So at nap time, I decided to catch up on my tv viewing and watched Terra Nova. And now I want a boulder. This is what is missing from the front yard. A big huge boulder nestled up against the juniper would be fantastic. I have no idea where to buy a boulder.

Where to sit

20110607-073859.jpg Speaking of crappy chairs, I don’t know what we should do about seating for the yard. My uncle bought us a cute little bistro set. It is faux cast iron and came with some not so cute cushions. (The cushions are standing up because I had just finished scrubbing the bird poop off of them. Sometimes the great outdoors aren’t so great.) No problem. We changed the cushions and voila it is perfect. The problem is that it only has two chairs and we are a family of four. We also might want to have guests over again someday. (We owe our neighbors like six cookouts.) Now, I don’t believe that everything has to be matchy-matchy but it would be nice if they didn’t clash style-wise and if our guests didn’t have to sit on something that may fall apart at any second. So what should we do? Part of the problem is that I’m not sure what we should be aiming for–lounging or dining? Also, I’m not sure where in the yard it would go. I’d really like to not spend any serious bank on this. Maybe I should check out Community Forklift for something cool and funky. My husband’s biggest fear is that I’ll make the yard look like this. I think it is awesome but will probably settle for some adirondacks. I’ll just continue to dream via my Pinterest pages.


Some days, I think we should just put down a bunch of mulch and make our back yard into one big playground. Other days, I dream of winning the lottery and putting on an addition to the back of the house. (You see, I when I win the lottery I will not become crazy and loose all of my money within a year. We’ll just pay off all of our debt and put a nice modest addition on the back of the house. This addition will include another bathroom. And an office. And a mudroom. And a laundry room that isn’t in the yucky basement.) Anyway, after we put in the addition, we should probably throw in a deck. You see, the reason I haven’t won the lottery is that I haven’t yet decided what kind of deck I want. Dear TEOT has some nice ideas.