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Back to that deck idea

You may remember that we considered adding a deck a couple of years ago. Look, I really want a pool in the backyard but that ain’t happening. So we’re gonna build a deck instead. I mean, we’re going to pay someone to build a deck. It will be a fairly basic rectangle that surrounds the basement steps with steps toward the driveway.

I am a little worried about what we’ll do with the corner between the deck and the side-porch. I have some ideas but I’m not sure how feasible they really are. Yep, there’s a pool or two in there. A girl can dream. Whatever we do, it will have to incorporate or cover up the concrete sand box.

Where to sit

20110607-073859.jpg Speaking of crappy chairs, I don’t know what we should do about seating for the yard. My uncle bought us a cute little bistro set. It is faux cast iron and came with some not so cute cushions. (The cushions are standing up because I had just finished scrubbing the bird poop off of them. Sometimes the great outdoors aren’t so great.) No problem. We changed the cushions and voila it is perfect. The problem is that it only has two chairs and we are a family of four. We also might want to have guests over again someday. (We owe our neighbors like six cookouts.) Now, I don’t believe that everything has to be matchy-matchy but it would be nice if they didn’t clash style-wise and if our guests didn’t have to sit on something that may fall apart at any second. So what should we do? Part of the problem is that I’m not sure what we should be aiming for–lounging or dining? Also, I’m not sure where in the yard it would go. I’d really like to not spend any serious bank on this. Maybe I should check out Community Forklift for something cool and funky. My husband’s biggest fear is that I’ll make the yard look like this. I think it is awesome but will probably settle for some adirondacks. I’ll just continue to dream via my Pinterest pages.